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020924 Finally, Musicline has it's own domain!
Perhaps things actually may start to happen again. Wonders never cease, you know... ;) / JC
000730 Ok let's see. I've corrected all the miss spellings
(I hope) and added some samples to the Samples page. Just check it out and enjoy!. / JF
000323 Finally a small update to this site. I've divided the Guest book into smaller pages. More to come in the near future... :) / JC
990615 Did some cosmetic updates to the html-code of the site. Nothing that you might notice, but it was enough annoying for me if it wasn't fixed. ;) I've also changed the 'Get'-text on each down loadable entry to the suffix of each file (except for all ml-files, because they're zipped). / JC
990512 Well I thought it was time to add some animations
to the music page. Now you can see the New tunes
which has been added recently. / JF
990511 Ok here it is, some new unreleased tunes have
been uploaded to the music section. Just download
and enjoy! / JF
990510 Added a navigation toolbar on the bottom of each page to enable non-frames users to use the site.
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