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990506 Added an info-page and started two mailing lists.
990505 A couple of new and cool tunes have been put up in the Music section. Go and check them out now!
990505 I happened to bump into a quite nice GuestBook which I added to the site.
Since this is a quite nice feature, I would like you all to read and write in it. :)   / JC
990505 Finally, we open our doors for your pleasure.
Not all sections are fully filled up yet, but we'll work on it.

Enjoy the site and don't hesitate to send any kind of comments to us.
                                   / The Musicline Staff
990503 Added a Contact-page for you to be able to contact us easily.
990502 The structure of the original site is altered a bit, and now it's looking as if we're getting somewhere.

Hopefully, there will be a public release soon... :)
990429 Hi there!
Finally, we've taken up the creation of this site again. This should be seen as an embryo for a future full-featured site, but it's at least a start.

We've also put up the original first comments that Jimmy made almost a year ago when this site started to see the light of day. Just press the link below for that...
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