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Name mr.real/craze (
Comments Hi! 2 bad you got to buy a pc to run mlineII .. :(

Monday November 8th 1999 04:41:21 PST
Name Jimmy Fredriksson (Firefox) / Musicline
Comments Hi All! The year 2000 is close and we will celebrate like hell with new updates of the Musicline website. Updates like 16 bit samples and Mp3 songs and stuff. Hopefully the new Editor will be released soon (Whooopeeeee)... This is all for now. Take care!

Sunday October 3rd 1999 04:04:32 PST
Name Beelzebul (
Comments respect

Saturday September 18th 1999 12:40:28 PST
Name laurent clevy (
Comments Hi there, First, thank you for having wrote Mline ! I always loved synth music like those on the c64. My problem is that i still own an Amiga, but it's too slow to work with. I still want to listen .ml tunes, and the UAE delitracker solution is too heavy. I am currently writing a paula mixer under Linux to make easy the conversion from 68k exotic replay routines into portable C routines. But the replay routine of mline is not public available. You proposed to give the 68k source of the Amiga editor. Could we (the .ml belovers developpers) have the 68k replay and/or the .ml format ? Like with TFMX ( and FC13/FC14/SoundFX... (, once you have the format and/or the replay method, somebody can write a C replayer which will run everywhere. The challenge here is to allow somebody write a portable player (C, Java), a netscape or winamp plug-in. And the editor still is yours. What about this open-source idea ? Laurent Clevy (some pages at

Friday September 10th 1999 07:58:42 PST
Name John Carehag (
Comments Yo there!

Just wanted to brief you a bit about the current situation...'ll all have to wait for any further updates on this page until late August, since July/August is the vacationtime in Sweden, and as all other hard-working swedes, we also need our well-earned vacation, so meanwhile, enjoy life, and visit the other sites that are found under our links-page.

/ JC

Sunday August 1st 1999 05:40:31 PST
Name Dean-Ryan Stone (dhry@nospamflashmail.nospamcom)
Comments Definitely keen on seeing a PC version of this. I've always been a fan of Rob Hubbard, specifically his tune "Spellbound" which I notice has been converted to Musicline. *8-)

Wednesday July 21st 1999 10:53:40 PST
Name Benny (
Homepage http://NONE YET
Comments wow, det är underbart att höra om Mline II .. TILL PC, det får mig att vilja hoppas högt och skrika :O).. jag väntar med spänning på mp3:orna ifrån det :O).. Forsätt så :O).. M.V.H. Benny

Monday July 5th 1999 05:25:57 PST
Name John Carehag (
Comments Hi all!

I just wanna say that I think it's cool that people still are appreciating our cute little proggie... I mean, who could ever dream of a Musicline Appreciation Society? That is just sooo cool... :)
In return, we will in the near future give you all a little treat... ...we will put up mp3-versions of some of the songs, for you guys that can't play the tunes on any machine at the moment... ...and we'll also put up some intruments and sound effects created with the embryo of Mline II... Yes, your eyes weren't just playing around with you... ...we are in the process of creating Mline II! First of all, it'll be a PC-program, though... ...but if we get info and possibilities to create it on the AmigaNG, then only the future can tell what'll happen... ;)

We will also put up an application form for you to reply to if you want the assembler sources for the Amiga version of the program. That way, the ones among you that feel that they can and want to bring out more from one of the coolest programs ever, can contribute with their own expertice and ideas...

Well, that's about it for now... Please tune in again on a regular basis and you'll get to know more about the future of Musicline Editor!

/ John

Friday June 18th 1999 01:45:13 PST
Name Johan Kotlinski (
Comments Something wonderful has happened - The Musicline Appreciation Society is alive! ^o^ Check it out at ... welcome!

Wednesday June 9th 1999 02:01:24 PST
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